Scarlet crow - bone shaman woman

There is a lot that comes up for me around this song.: The transition in society at this time was such that we were moving away from commonwealth land to land ownership. From villages being free to live off the foods produced in the forests, and the livelihood they could make as sovereign from government to needing permission and money in order to sustain themselves. It seems it was a big leap into indentured servitude of the ruling bodies. It definitely still reeks havoc today. Its a lot for me to integrate, and i realize i still have a lot to learn and come to terms with in my own soul's remembrance. Still learning the facts and historical implications, and noticing in myself where i can grow into being able to move forward from a place of integrity given all the various threads woven in the subject matter.

Marya- I remember an experience I had going to a specific gathering called Tribal Convergence a few years ago. My heart exploded open into acceptance and love. The women at this gathering were all such powerhouses- each queens in their own right, supporting, loving and rejoicing the beauty in each other. It was one of the first times I felt really held and uplifted by a group of female peers, and the experienced changed my life. It helped me remember that there is something sacred in the bond of sisterhood. I got really curious about how to embody this in all of my relationships, and create opportunities to circle with women to set new templates.  I hold a prayer that there is more and more unity amongst us all. That we may lift each other out of the vicious cycles of shame and fear-based cultural trances, perpetuating destructive forms of jealousy. I am really interested in uncovering the roots of this, and opening the space of dialogue to expose where the collective wound is so we can nurture and heal our relationships with one another. Its such a precious and tender time in our world- we really need each other at our best and most vibrant. There isn't time for the subtle viscousness, divisiveness and disempowerment caused by illusions of separateness. Its a leak in the cauldron of the magical feminine.  And its going to take all of us to repair and patch it up. May we continue to grow in our capacity to celebrate and share our unique magic with each other.

Scarlet Crow - Bone Shaman WomanScarlet Crow - Bone Shaman WomanScarlet Crow - Bone Shaman WomanScarlet Crow - Bone Shaman Woman