101. King Tubby: Psyche Out
102. Pearl Necklace: Rapid Bliss
103. Thee Loaded Angels: Aquarius Rising
104. Wolves Of The Sun: Last Night
105. Mistress Mix: Blue Heart
106. Griselda: Oxygen
107. Psychic TV: Jump Thee Gun
108. Over Thee Brink: Terminate
109. Vernon Castle: Youth
110. Nobody Uninc: Only Human
111. Alligator Shear: Balkan Red Alert
112.: Meet Every Situation Head On
113. Psychic TV: Your Body
114. Godstar: Abstract Reality
201. Virginia Featuring Mista Luv: Blue Pyramid
202. Sugardog: Groove To Get Down
203. Mistress Mix: Wicked
204. Psychic TV: Scared To Live
205. DJ Doktor Megatrip And Mista Luv: Liquid Eyeliner
206. Sickmob: Sandoz Tabman
207. Psychic TV: Tune In (Turn On Thee Acid House)
208. DJ Doktor Megatrip With Luv Bass: Joy
209. DJ Doktor Megatrip And Mista Luv: Discomen
210. Psychic TV: Tune In (Greedy Beat Syndicate Remix)
211. Psychic TV: Love-War-Riot (Vocoder Mix)
212. DJ Doktor Megatrip Featuring DJ Doktor Leary: Neuropolitiks